Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Deco stitching for quilting

These scrap blocks or crumb blocks what ever you want to call them are sitting there waiting to be used. I thought coasters. Sop I cut waste batting and muslin pieces for the back of them. Here is the out come. 

I use black thread and did deco stitches from my machine to quilt through the sandwich of the block, batting and backing. It is fun to sit and decide what stitch to use. 

Not a real clear picture, but feather stitching, herringbone, zig-zag also, but anything to use for quilting through the sandwich.  

This is cut off batting I have saved from trimming quilts after quilting. The scraps to make the blocks are just that scraps. So I'm using up everything I have to make these coasters. 

I had computer issues this morning and found out it was something I did imagine that. Fixed now. Chris

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