Monday, June 9, 2014

Work Farm here

We seem to find more than our share of work around here. We painted the shed white for years all the trim was white. Finally after 11 years I talked him into painting the trim brown. 

It looks a little classier I think. He went back out after supper to get a little more done. I watering the flower beds out in front of the house. We have worked so hard on the yard this year we can't let it go now. 

Needless to say I have done no sewing today. I had a run in with the telephone company that carries my Internet service. I have dealt with them for 12 years and today they said I had no authority to change or fix anything with the phone because the phone is in my husband's name. I pay the bill, call when something needs fixing, but I have no authority. So now the bill has to be changed to my name if I want further service. I said since when. They said since 9/11. Well I called 8 weeks ago and got a new modem ordered and sent in my name. no questions asked. So buyer beware. You maybe will confront the same issues in the near future. I have all the other utilities in my name. Something new all the time. Chris

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