Saturday, June 14, 2014

Morning sewing while the rest of you slept

Couldn't sleep this morning. Had a bad night and yet I really needed to sleep because the baby is coming. So up at 3:20 am and decided to sew. Since I have a couple sets of blocks going with 2.5 inch squares I just jumped into making scrappy stars. 

As I get some of the strips made to complete the blocks I lay them out and pick the best combo for the next block. I have a lot of the deep red in these so I wait until I get a group that they will work in. 

I got bored with finding the star points so I made some nine patches that I need to finish the Dancing 9's. All the same size squares so easy to use as leaders and enders when chain piecing. This way I'm working on two quilt block sets at one time. Keeps the mind going and less boredom on my part. Hope you have a beautiful day. suppose to be nice here. Chris

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Julierose said...

Neat Scrappy Stars! I never thought of doing them in rows--great idea! Sometimes, when I can't sleep--a lot lately it seems, could it be Springtime??--I get up and sew--but usually a hand project as my sewing room is right across from our bedroom and my DH is a very light sleeper. Have fun this weekend..hugs, Julierose