Sunday, June 22, 2014

Picture heavy

In the dumpster along with the dishes and doll was a Montgomery Ward Precision Round Bobbin model 188 sewing machine from the 50's. No foot control, but the motor runs and the needle moves and bobbin case is there. This was made in Japan not sure of year, but I think I can find it. I have a controller with a lamp and controller  block to see if it works well. Needs a belt and bobbin donut which I can get it locally. It is dirty here and needs cleaning of the oil and lubricant spots to get rid of the gummy stuff. This should work well when cleaned up and a few parts.   

Blooms in my garden this morning

Spider Wort

Painted Garden Shed.

My garden that has no weeds has some now. 

New window in garage and a new to us windmill out in the garden.

 Maiden hair Iris in bloom.
Work in Progress. This back yard has evolved. I think we have a good mix and maybe need to move a couple more things in the new future. This is my corner of the World. Chris

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Barbara Schreiber said...

Chris, your garden and yard aee wonderful !,, I don't have a lot cause I hate to pull weeds.