Saturday, June 21, 2014

Maverick Stars and 9-patches

I have been working on these blocks for about a week now. The scrappy star or Maverick Star are piling up, but I have all these 9-patches also. So thought I would place them together in a quilt.

I have some rich dark brown fabric I think for sashing and will sash each block to showcase what the block is. Wasn't sure if the block with the star in it was standing out well enough against the other 9-patches. Taking this picture and standing back to look at it I can see it, but I think the sashing will help the over all picture. 

I have a job to do today that I'm not looking forward to. Supervising a visitation with my youngest Granddaughter's biological Mother.  I do not trust this person and I will have to bite my tongue. Also the weather is suppose to get bad and where do you take a 16 month old in a public place during bad weather. We can't sit in McDonalds play area for 3 hours. Wish me luck on handling this well. Chris


Julierose said...

Oh those familial meetings can be so tricky--I agree--best of luck being tactful...I really like your stars !
hugs Julierose

sewyouquilt2 said...

good luck finding a place for your meeting. love your blocks with stars. looking good.