Friday, June 27, 2014

Have to put on my thinking cap today

No pictures in this post. Today we are looking for a new bank for my Mother. She is very unhappy and we can't have that going on. So an appointment at 10 am and then we need to re-group because my sister is coming to visit this afternoon. She lives out of state and Mom hasn't seen her for awhile.

I'm contemplating  whether to buy a new Darning foot for my machine. I have a generic one and I thought it wasn't preforming well. Have to consider the user also. DAH! So did some research and I think I am going to do some modification. Went to Leah Day's You Tube videos and found a video as to how to fix the foot to work better for you. Rubber band and a bent needle bar maybe will work. Can't hurt it because if I break it I was going to buy a new one anyway. Wish me luck.

We had the baby all day yesterday and she was such a character. She is a tease and she know what she is doing to get you to laugh. Shades of her Father. We went for walks and we went visiting and road on the lawn mower with Grandpa and kept us hopping.

We then got on Skype with big brother and sister. So she had fun doing that. Joys of having your grandkids.

After appointment today I need to vacuum the house. Thread are everywhere. Really need to shampoo carpet, but not enough energy to get that involved today. Stay cool today it is suppose to get really warm. Chris

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