Monday, June 30, 2014

Trying to catch up

I dug out another tub and found more small pieces so been trying to catch up and slice them up for usable pieces. I need variety to make some more blocks. Work at it awhile and then go check on my husband. He has been trying to get odds and ends worked through so we can do the roof on the garage in the next month. 

Here are some light 2.5 inch squares cut and also some strips that were leftover when cutting the fabric up. Today I won't have a lot of time to get back at it so plan on cleaning up the piles I have laying around and getting them in the correct tubs. I really wanted to sew today, but know it won't happen unless I get her down for a nap. Granddaughter #2 is busy when she is here.  

We had lightening and thunder night that kept me up part of the night. After 1:30 am  it was wild here. We got another 8/10ths of an inch of rain and this is what the sky looks like right now. Tonight it is suppose to get worse. No wonder rivers and creeks are flooding.  We have been mowing as much as twice a week if not three times. With so much rain and we live in an old river bottom so the ground is real fertile. The grass take leaps between rains. 

My company left yesterday afternoon and we will try and get back into a routine around here. Need to clean out refrigerator and get rid of any science projects growing in there. I'm sure I will have to go to the garbage after while today. I have baskets of fabric trimmings I need to get rid of. Start on the new batch of slivers. Stay dry and cool today. Chris

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