Sunday, June 8, 2014

HST's my way

I have two different blocks to make with the same pieces. They will not be adjacent to each other. There is a block between them. But there are like 85 of each to make. So I'm trudging on. I cut and marked more squares and then got some of them sewn and cut and pressed. Now the dog ears need cutting off. 

 Here is a pile of them, but it takes 4 for each block so this will get used up fast. I have neutrals cut and marked, but I need more colored squares for variety. I think tomorrow will be and early day so I can slice and dice some more. Maybe I can get some rows sewn together to see what this will look like all together.

To bright maybe you can't see, but while I was at my Mother's we measured some I had made and they were fine. I guess I'm not a prep type of person. I don't like all the marking, but it does make a difference. So she gave me this marking tool she bought in a quilt shop in Oshkosk, WI. while visiting my sister about 15 years ago. So I will use this. I also need to make a ton of smaller ones. That is for a different block that is 24 X 24 inches square, but many more pieces. That will be a demo for another day. 

I think this pattern is called 9-patch and pinwheels. It is a Bonnie Hunter pattern. I saw another one  just like it in an older book that was 4-patch and pinwheels. Which might be a different twist to try. 

I have thought about all these Grandkids that are coming up here  real fast and before we know it they will be starting families. I guess I really need to think about wedding gifts an baby gifts for the next few years. I'm sure I won't be around to see them all married, but would like there be something from Grandma and Great Grandma. Will have to see how that works out in my mind. Lots of thread batting and cutting in my estimation. Now I'm to tired to think about all that. I didn't sleep well last night. I had a week of more than 6 hours of sleep and then finally one night without enough. Hopefully I won't be going backwards again. 

Gentle rain happening so maybe I can drift off to sleep here and see if I can get caught up. Which I know you never do. Chris 

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