Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sashing on 9's

Piles are looking deep. They are about 70 blocks stacked up here. I have 30 more in the process of adding sashing.

They are looking like this. 2 inch sashing on two sides for all the blocks.

Here are 4 sewn together. Dancing 9-patches. It makes a pretty good sized block. Makes a 15.5 in. X 15.5 in. unfinished block when all together. This will make a quilt quicker than 6 inch blocks. They are 2.5 inch squares sewn into 9's. Then 2 inch sashing blocks sewn on two sides. First one is 2 in. X 6.5 in. log. Then the second one is 2 in. X 8.25 inch log sewn across the top. It goes pretty fast. Some quilters use 2 inch squares and then 1.5 inch sashing logs. I decided to make it cover a bigger area faster by increasing the size of the squares and logs. Proportion when increasing sizes is the most important part of changing a quilt pattern. Off to stitch the last long on the last 30 of them. Chris

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Jean said...

Looking pretty