Monday, June 9, 2014

Pictures as Promised

This is called Dancing 9-patch. I hope to get more sewn today. 

It is finally drying out  today after a half an inch of rain so we maybe will be outside painting the shed. The sewing will be between other things I'm sure. It is wood and maintenance needs to be kept up or it falls apart. 
This was a mindless sewing project with the 9-patches, but then I had to think and also rip on the first set of logs I added. I didn't have them on the right side. Now I have a pattern to look at and see how many more mistakes I make in sewing them together. 

This is 2.5 inch squares made into 9-patches. Equals 6.5 inches square block unfinished. Then I cut 2 inch strips to make the sashing between. Cut the first strip 2 X 6.5 inches and stitch it on one side of all the blocks. Doesn't matter what side. Next cut another strip 2 X 8.25 inches. Stitch it to the block over lapping the the first strip you sewed on. Then make sure you look at the picture and lay them out to sew them together.   I will make all the blocks and then lay them out to make sure I have the right layout for my taste and sew them together. I have 110 blocks of the 9-patches and maybe will make 10 more to give it more length. As Wanda says we both don't like a square quilt. 

I hear the birds chirping and the day is emerging from the dark. Hope you have a great day. Chris

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