Friday, June 6, 2014

Ugly Quilts

I promised the Ugly Fabric Quilt. As I said the smaller the pieces are cut the better the squares look. My Mother has several darker pieces and I had some. so we kept adding questionable pieces and finally came up with this pattern. 

This is a different block. The center of the block is the black cornerstone. It is 4 four patches and the rust colored sashing through the center. Then when you sew them together it make a secondary looking block. It looks like a 16 patch with sashing and cornerstones which it isn't.

I didn't have enough of the rust to make the full width of the blocks so I opted to use a brown print for a border and then add more of the squares on the final border. It is a queens sized quilt with a pillow cover length. Ugly can be attractive. Great way to use up the fabric even though as a whole you can't see the interest,  if you find it on sale or you have it in your stash it can be an added effect to the quilt. Look outside the box. Chris  

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Pam said...

Hi Chris - I had to laugh! In my house, we all fight over the "ugly" quilt. My mom found a stack of uninspiring (and large) HSTs at a local thrift store. She rescued them, sewed them together and backed them with a "pepto-pink" silky cotton backing that she wrapped around to the front as a binding. How we all laughed! Now, we all fight to use it because it's the softest and most drape-y quilt we have. It need a little mending now but there's plenty of life left in her!!