Monday, June 16, 2014

Pressing board

My June Tailor large pressing board has seen better days. It is stained and has spray starch baked on the surface. I decided I would ask to get a smaller one made. We used 3/8 inch square of plywood that my husband cut for me. I doubles a batting piece and used a canvas over it and stapled it to the back. Oh my is it nice.
  I can set it beside my cutting board on my small portable table have room to cut and press. Some like a solid surface to press on and I prefer a softer surface. It works great and if the cover gets dirty I can replace it. Something that small makes me happy today.

I had a very bad night so was up at 12:30 am. I grabbed my squares and made 9-patches to get them sewn up for the dancing 9's. I think I need a few more and then I can assemble the whole top. Well I should qualify  that statement. I make it in two or three sections quilt each and then join them.

I got hamburger out for supper, but cooked carrots, celery, onions, and chicken breasts for meals the next couple days.

We went to my Stepson's for Father's Day and had fillets on the grill, baked potatoes, salads and homemade pies. Was wonderful, but I got sick from it. To much bacon. I'm allergic to the nitrates so I was miserable all night. After my husband gets into the house he is mowing I will be down for the count. Keep on sewing to humid to be outside today. Chris


Katie M. said...

love the pressing boards - I have a couple different sizes that I've made and I think they are so much better than the commercial ones you can purchase! I made tight little covers, sort of like a pillow case, and that way I can remove them and launder. Sorry you got sick on Father's Day...

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I love my pressing board, too. Like Katie, I make covers for mine so I can take them off to wash and when they get really stained, I toss it and make a new one. =)