Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Another day slipping into evening

I said I could do it well N-O-T......

I did everything but sew. Ran errands went to check on my Mom. Fixed a meal and did laundry. I have been getting more sleep so that isn't even an excuse anymore.

I took a nap and walked outside to look at the flower beds and the garden and there are a few weeds and I really don't care. Isn't that awful. I must be burned out.

I have dinner planned and nothing great salad and a hamburger so we will eat after while and then maybe I can do something. Every have a day like this? My Mom said there would be days like this, but she never told me there would be this many.  I need to talk to myself and tell myself I'm not productive this way.

Friday company is coming and yet it didn't stimulate me to get anything done. I'm going for a tall glass of water and then going in to see if I can get even a small amount done before supper. Wish me luck. Chris

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