Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Had this brilliant idea well I think it is

I got this fabric out to audition a fabric for the sashing. While looking at it I thought how I could cut cost. You know a quilter has to figure every angle if working on a budget.

When making sashing for a quilt it is anywhere between 3-5 yards of fabric to make sashing and with the cost of most fabric by the yard unless you buy it at a fantastic price is sometimes overwhelming. Why not look at extra wide backing fabric. It is about 100-110 inches wide and you can get a lot out of that for a better price. Then if they are having a sale you are in luck. 

I have had these made for quite a while. They need sashing and not sure if this is the look I want. I have used this fabric for sashing on another quilt and don't want to many to look all the same. Still not convinced this is right. I have it laying on my bed and I will revisit it to look at it later today and see if I want this or keep looking. Some of these prints are a little lighter in color and maybe something darker will work and maybe not. Not sure so I will just wait. 

More hexies are being worked on. They keep my hands busy at night while the TV is blaring. Did you every realize how a man can take over the remote and your opinions are never addressed as to what volume or what your are watching? When I'm alone in the house most of the time there isn't anything on. The minute he gets out of bed it is on and he walks out of the house and it is on. Not logical to me.

Weather is not nice to be outside. I still need to clean, but I guess we live in this house so it is my mess. I own it. Chris

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Katie M. said...

I really like those blocks, Chris. I might see a way to use up some of my scraps :-)