Wednesday, June 11, 2014

When I grow up I want to be.....

When I was little all I could think about was being like my Grandmother. She was a housewife. She cooked, baked, cleaned and sewed. I don't remember her doing anything else. As a young girl and young adult her Father owned a restaurant in the small town they lived in. The Farmers would come to town for breakfast and a noon meal. Lots of cooking went on for her and her two sisters and Mother. Then they had a family at home to do for. I wanted to be like Grandma. Well I have always helped others, cooked, cleaned, sewed and I worked in a restaurant and also in a bakery besides selling fabric. I guess I did do like my Grandmother.

Last night after sewing for hours and hours yesterday I got the small cutting board out and placed it on my coffee table. I then cut 2.5 inch strips into squares. My tubs were getting empty and I could be doing something worthwhile as I watched reruns of NCIA ansd NCIS LA. The way I do it you always have something to work with this way.

Yesterday I got all the white sashing strips cut and sewn onto the 9-patches. They are sewn in pairs and today they will be sewn into the whole block. I think I was at the machine for about 6 hours off and on. I would get up and walk away just because I could sit there any longer. I think maybe I need to get a different chair. I asked my husband to make me a different smaller board so I can make a new pressing board. Now I try and press on the one I have and half of it is covered with a cutting mat. I'm twisting this way and that and not happy with the arrangement. He hasn't said yes and he hasn't said no. It was raining so he didn't go out to see if he had anything.

Still raining over 1.4 inches of rain so far in 24 hours. Still raining this morning. The system is circling back around and dumping itself back on us. 
I heard on the news yesterday that the Ice on the Great Lakes finally broke up yesterday. Sounds as thought it had help from the cutter ships going through the area. They said this was the latest in  recorded history of this happening. What will we have next Winter? 

Birds are quiet this morning must be waterlogged like the rest of us. Turn on the lights and start sewing. Chris 

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Teresa Rawson said...

I've been watching my DVDs of the first 6 seasons of The Big Bang Theory while screwing around in the quilt cave...I need silly and nothing serious right now, and I've seen the episodes so many times, I don't have to watch the screen to be entertained...I cannot just sit and watch a movie or TV. Plus, there are too many food cues in all those TV commercials...