Sunday, June 22, 2014

Work Day

I was given this June Tailor strip cutting template. It is quite large and wasn't sure if I would like it, but thought if it worked it would be an asset. I was looking on Pinterest the other day and there was a video of how to use it. I think it is on You Tube. Will look for the link later and post it. As you can see I have plenty in this basket to cut up. 
They have been having rummage sales out here by where I live and I found 6-100% cotton men's shirts in good colored plaids. Well for now my husband took over 5 of them. I cut up one so far. He maybe will give up the rest before long. Trying to get enough plaids to make a Blackford Beauty block quilt top. I think it takes on a masculine look with all the plaids. 

We have dumpsters in the community we live in. The rummage sales are over and people just dump the rest of the stuff. We got a king sized beautiful headboard, dishes. I'm always looking for large platters. So I found this stuff in the dumpster that still had the price tags on them.

These deco plates were there also. I'm sure I can find a use for them. Plus I have red walls in my kitchen. So maybe use them as a wall hanging type collage.

There were several porcelain dolls and most had the faces broken, but this one. I saw it on eBay for about $50. Not sure it would bring that much, but I have granddaughters so maybe add to the collection I already have.  Yes I know more stuff to store. Oh well more for my son to take to the landfill.
I got the day over with yesterday and it went ok. Was a lot longer than suppose to be, but what can I do about that. I need angel wings to do what I did. It was hard not to tell her off. I have a hole in my tongue, but it is behind me for this time. Chris

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