Thursday, June 12, 2014

Few things changed outside

We live in a manufactured home community and we have dumpsters we take out garbage to. Sitting outside the dumpsters the other night were plastic shopping bags with plants in them. I recognized they were huge Hosta plants. So we loaded them up and last night after all the rain stopped we went out and played in the mud. 

This is one single leaf off of these plants. We had to move five other plants to get these placed where we thought they would look good. Not only is it large leafed, but the stalks are almost 2 foot tall. This will make a statement when they regain their full potential in a couple years. I just looked and they are still standing. They didn't go into shock as other plants do when you transplant them.

We are finally getting a mix of plants we like and low maintenance for us old times to handle. Wish we could find some more plants with a little more color all the time even after they bloom. Have to haunt the garden centers. Chris

Has anyone bought used books on Amazon? I found an out of print quilting book used for a decent price and didn't know if it is buyer beware type thing????

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