Saturday, June 28, 2014

Some of this and some of that

Today is one of those catch up days. We have company in town and not sure when they are available to visit. So I chose three different projects that are short term as far as finishing them in case I get interrupted. These scrappy quilted blocks need binding. I will sew it on first at the machine so I can do handwork while visiting.
This is my scrap bucket. It is full to overfull. I need to make strings or more crazy scrap blocks. I have some smaller projects I want to complete before Christmas this next year and they will come out of this bucket. I had a picture of three shirts I bought at a thrift hop and it disappeared. They need to be cut up into strips and squares today also. I ran the vac yesterday and need to check the kitchen floor today. Always threads and crumbs. My fruity Computer is going crazy this morning. Better get off before it blows up. Chris

UPDATE: We got through changing banks to a local bank instead of a regional one. There are so many rules for the elderly to follow because of taxes and inheritance issues. Buyer beware when dealing with banks. 

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