Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Moving forward

Machine is up and running. Sewed on it for three hours this morning and didn't miss a beat. I got the tensions as perfect as they can be had it hums along quietly. It threads differently, but has a perfect stitch. I haven't wound a bobbin yet, but by tomorrow it will be given a run for it's money on that front. It uses the same bobbins as two of my other machines which is a help.

I got two of these coasters bound and finished. I have three more to finish binding on them. My Mother has a Dr's appointment today so taken them with me to finish while I'm waiting. She is going to have eye surgery in about 10 days. Then that will be over and done with. 

We are trying to get ready to get our garage roof replaced. Been a lot of extra running buying necessary things. My son and step-son are going to do the work with Dad's supervision. Had to buy some tools and knife blades, vents, nails and we haven't bought the shingles yet. Then a dumpster has to be rented. It adds up real quick like. Next year we need to re-roof the house also. Then everything will match. When you own property it never ends the fix and repair part. Stay cool Chris

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Ohhhh....A new machine! Lovely!

We had to reroof our house a couple of years ago. Not fun to pay for, but I am grateful for a dry home when it rains.