Saturday, June 7, 2014

Well an attempt

This is what I tried. Somewhat ok. But I still have a lot of work to do. 

This is the foot I have and I do not like it. It seems like to is to long. Puts to much pressure on the quilt sandwich. Even though feed dogs are dropped and top pressure is loosened it still drags with The Supreme Slider in place.  I think it has a center shaft that is to long. I will start looking for a better foot. The wire bar is suppose to fit over the needle clamp and it doesn't work. 

Without the wire over the needle clamp it doesn't hop over the sandwich. Lots of practice for smooth movement needs to take place, but until I get  better FMQ foot I don't think I have a chance. 

So instead of more frustration I started making star point for the scrappy star blocks I'm making. I got more sections made a and a few completed. I think I'm up to 35 of the 70 blocks made. 

Here are a few of the scrappy star blocks. The squares are 2.5 inches so the block is 6.5 inches unfinished. At some point I would like to make one with reverse prints. Meaning dark stars and lighter corners. I think that would be interesting for a different look. 

Suppose to rain today. My bones are telling me it is on it's way. Went out for a walk this morning thinking it would help, but didn't. Going to my Mother's to have a brain tease session. She is going to show me how she makes her HST's. I keep putting off tackling that job. I know it never gets done it you keep putting it off.  Have a Good Day. Chris

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Katie M. said...

Chris, I don't know what machine you have, but before I got a frame set up, I used a Big Foot. I really liked the clear 'foot' part of it and the size seemed to help 'pack' down where I was quilting... Don't know if this will help. Also, when free motion quilting - I tell anyone I 'teach' to, "your shoulders do not make pretty earrings". Once your shoulders start bunching up to your ears, you know you're tense and you're going to end up with some pretty sore shoulders...