Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Not much to show for all my work

Yesterday decided to get a quilt sandwiched. It is about 90 X 90 inches square. Got the backing made and pressed laid out the batting and added the top. Pinned off and on for about 2 hours to get it pulled out and straight. Well went to roll it up to take it to the sewing machine and had a huge pleat in the back. Tried to take out pins and smooth out a had a bigger mess. Very frustrating on that big of a quilt. Normally I do in sections, but this was a top that was finished 3 years ago.

I went out and helped my husband do some landscaping well really adding mulch to an already made flower bed. Fixed dinner and then started in on hand basting the sandwich. As I do this I'm taking out the pins and drawing the back to one side and smoothing it out. Should have done this to begin with. I was to tired I did one row and part of another. They are large blocks to it will go pretty well if I do a little at a time.

Now I know why I do these quilts in sections and piece them together. I have one more that is all in one top and it is even larger. That will have to be basted by hand to get it smoothed out right.

Off and on today I will continue to work on this quilt. As I get some machine time on it I will take some pictures. So frustrated with it right now I was ready to throw it in the corner and forget it, but determined to get another finished quilt done I stuck with it.  Hopefully today will be a better day. Chris

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