Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Time and past time

Yes the mess is back. Well to be honest never went away. I keep sewing and more comes out of the closet. The bags and baskets and tubs of fabric are everywhere. Today is suppose to be hot again so maybe will stay inside and try to get this room a run for it's money. 

I need to do some retail therapy, but will put it off. Need to order thread. I use the larger cones of thread for piecing and a couple colors are not enough to do a major project. I get my thread for piecing from Connecting threads. They have a sale on right now on thread, but it is the smaller cones. 

Got a different car to me and got all the paperwork and a lot of money spent in the last couple days. So the wallet is pretty thin at the moment. But at least it is a dependable car and it will work for me. Hope you have a good sewing day. Chris 

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Jean said...

Good you had money to buy a car. Wallet may be thinner, but you are rich with fabric, and having fun with it. You are an inspiration to me.