Thursday, May 8, 2014

This is the problem

This top has been done for three years I think. It is 90 X 90 inches square. I had pieced it all together and decided I needed to get it quilted. I made the back and sandwiched it together with pin basting. As I was about 7/8 ths of the way done I found a huge pleat in the back half way back. Tried to adjust pins and it didn't work. So what was I to do? I decided I would hand baste it to get the excess out. Started on the side that was smooth and worked my way across.  Don't know if you can see the basting threads  on the surface of the quilt. 

You can see them better on this picture. I have almost all of it done, but it got to warm to sit and work on it last night. Need to finish it up this morning so I can get to quilting. These were leftover HST's from a couple quilts that had the same sizes in them. My Mom made a Broken Dish quilt and I had used the same size in a snowball block quilt. I had to add some to make it the size it is, but it is more masculine looking than some of the other ones I have made.

The weather went from heat yesterday morning at 44 degrees to A/C weather yesterday evening of 87 degrees. Suppose to be the same today.  So that is why it was to warm to work on this last night.

I dug in a closet in the sewing room looking for a piece of fabric which I didn't find, but I found 6 garbage bags full of fabric not all quilting fabric, but a lot of it was. I will never get caught up. Oh well going to sew some today and try and get this basting done. Need to clean up a mess on the sewing cabinet and bobbins to wind to get this show on the road. Hope you have a good sewing day. Chris

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