Saturday, May 17, 2014

You maybe saw this picture yesterday, well I made a couple more blocks and need to press them. I made the star part around and other crumb block and then I pieced together a couple more crumb centers. 

Someone I think it was my Mother said why do you hang onto all these small pieces. Well as you can  see they make more fabric. Basically the small pieces make a piece of fabric I then square up. As some one said with the price of fabric today you have to use all your scraps because they are valuable. Just like it was for our Grandmother's who used scraps in their scrap bags. Back then nothing was left out of a quilt. 

We are suppose to warm up today. We had snow showers here yesterday and a week ago we had the A/C on. Crazy Spring in NW Illinois. 

Lots of rummage sales going on, but I think I will stay home today and sew some more. I could have a rummage sale in all the storage bins and bags in my sewing room. Have a Great Day. Chris


Jean said...

I like your crumb blocks. I made a queen size quilt with crumb blocks, but they were square and then sashed. On Bonnie Hunter's she has patterns for Crumbs, crumbs, crumbs. I chose to build mine and have used some really small pieces. Waste not, Want nog.

Granny Anne Brown said...

I wish I lived in your area because I would definetly buy some of your fabric at your rummage sale. I love getting new to me scraps but unfortunately where I live now have very few sales that include fabric.