Sunday, December 11, 2011

#3 is done but the washing

I just finished the binding on the Spidey quilt. I used a washable kids marker on the border and so it has to be laundered to get that out. I need to get some color guard sheets also for this quilt with the red flannel. As you can see the radiating lines of quilting is to represent the spiders webs as they make the web. The red blocks are quilted with the spiderweb design. Hopefully the five year old will like the quilt.

He has a tendency to get out of bed in the night and crawl in with Mom and Dad. Well this quilt is heavy and maybe he will stay under it and stay in his own bed for a full night.

Now I have to clean my machine and get all the fuzzies out and then on to the last quilt before Christmas Eve. Chris

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