Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All ripped out after 6 hours of cursing

I couldn't find the seam ripper I wanted. You know the Granddaughter puts things away and I can't find then. I found a small one and the first few minutes of using it I stabbed myself on my pointer finger and it hurts like a son of a gun.
The gloom of the day didn't help my mood because I had to rip out and it was all my fault it was that way.
I took a nap and then I made some progress. It is all ripped back to correct the problem now and I think I am watching TV tonight and dealing with the sewing tomorrow. It just took 6 hours of sitting and ripping that I could have done some more sewing if I had paid attention in sewing before all this happened.
Oh Gosh I have to find the sheets for my bed and remake it or I will be sleeping on the couch. Bye. Chris

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