Saturday, December 31, 2011

The last few days of the year

I got started on this project and then never took it to the hospital for the time my husband was having the procedure done. The hospital called and said they had a cancellation and we needed to get there in 45 minutes. He was still sleeping and it takes 15 minutes to drive there. But we made it and we were home by 10 am. The procedure went well and the Doctor was please with the progress. Then yesterday I got a phone call and the biopsies came back negative for Cancer. So another bit of good news.
I sat this morning and worked on the applique for about an hour and I still have many more layers to put in the whole project. This is going to be a table topper and it will have two more blocks go with it. Few minutes here and there will get it done.
Doing laundry and going to cook a corned beef brisket for dinner tonight. We like it as a sliced meat for a full dinner and leftovers for sandwiches.
I don't believe min resolutions because I can never keep them. I will make a couple doable goals and then as I progress or regress I will try my best to make them work.
I hope all of you have a Great safe and healthy New Year. I am sure I will be asleep before the ball is dropped. I am a morning person. Happy New Year. Chris

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Hettie said...

So glad to hear all went well! Happy New Year to you too.