Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This is my method of applique

I use a couple things to make my templates. I use freezer paper and also Templar plastic. This is freezer paper where I trace off the shapes. I layer the freezer paper three thick to make it more stable like the Templar Plastic. It makes a more rigid edge to press against. I layer it plastic or shiny side down on all three layers and press firmly with a very hot iron. The stability of the finished pressing is really firm.

I do use the Templar plastic for smaller pieces. The Templar plastic is more expensive and I use it for circles and leaves. Also when I make a Templar Plastic template I try and mark it with a permanent marker with the info I need. Like the abbreviations of the pattern and then I save them for other projects because they do last a long time.

I then press the shiny side down to the back of the fabric. Leaving plenty of fabric to make the seam allowances around the shape.

Trim the excess of about a 1/4 of an inch away from the edge of the template. Then clip to the edge about two or three threads away from the paper template. Clip into the crevice and then you are ready to work your magic with the iron and the starch.

I use a cheap artist brush with firm bristles and I use a mixture of 1/2 starch and 1/2 water to starch the seam allowances under.

Press the seam allowance to the back and make sure you get a crisp edge. No bumps and lumps. Press it until it is dry. Let it cool and then you can handle it without changing the shape.

The pressing is the reason it works so well.

Turn it over and see if you need to readjust any of the edges. They should all be even and no raw edges visible.

Pull the paper template loose on the back and carefully tug it out of the shape.

The seam allowance is now set and dry and ready to be stitched down onto your applique background.

After you are sure they are completely dry and cool store in a plastic storage bag and you have them ready for on the go hand stitching. I have to sit at the hospital for several hours tomorrow while my husband has a procedure and I want to get this all prepped so I can be distracted while he has this done. I plan on making a table runner with the pieces I am making. Stay tuned it will look like something in a couple days. Chris

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Hettie said...

Do mine exactly in the same manner but only using a single layer of freezer paper as these are almost impossible to find over here. Templar plastic I've never even seen. Hope all goes well at the hospital tomorrow but it seems your mind will be occupied.