Sunday, December 4, 2011

What is Christmas in Your life?

What do you believe in? Is it Santa, religious beliefs or is it just a commercial time of year to get your money? Everyone has a different feeling about Christmas. I haven't decorated for Christmas yet this year. I feel very much in a slump about the whole season. The money issue has plagued us for several years and we just don't feel we do enough for Christmas. When times are tough you make things to give your friends and family. Whether it be a quilt or a wooden box you find a way to say Happy Holidays. Or should I say Merry Christmas. Hasn't the World made the one time of year sounds so hollow because it isn't politically correct to say Merry Christmas.

If we can't believe in something is it all worth it? Christmas in my book is for the kids and the faith they have in believing. Yes it has become commercial and yes it has started way to early each year, but if we can't believe in something what good is it.

I remember getting up as a child and seeing all the packages under the tree. I know now it was a meager amount, but at the time it was heaven to me. We had to be good and we had to understand that sharing with others was important. Is that a lesson we carried through our lives? I believe we did. So to me Christmas is the lesson of sharing and being true to our beliefs. Maybe they are not someone else's beliefs, but we have something to hold onto for the next generation to work towards.
It isn't the amount of money you spent or the house full of decorations it is the time we spend with family and friends to share and give of ourselves. Sit and hold Grandma's hand and spend time with those that have less than what we do. Give a plate of cookies to your neighbor or shovel a walk for someone. Be kind and share in the Christmas spirit. Say a prayer for all those in the military overseas and to their families that are home alone.

Take the time and decide what Christmas means to you. Time is approaching the big day and are you ready for it? Chris

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Katie M. said...

I believe in the 'reason for the season'. I believe we celebrate the most important birthday of all. My DIL makes a cake and puts candles on it for the kids to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. I've had Christmases that were plentiful and some that were a whole lot less, but the being with family and knowing how blessed I am was priceless, no matter what! It's nice to receive, but I love seeing the joy when I give more.