Saturday, December 17, 2011

Machine quilting will be done by 7am tomorrow

No pictures yet, but the machine quilting will be done early. Then the binding. But the little angel/devil that is to receive this will be here tomorrow. So it has to be hidden before he gets here. Father was told to call on his way here so I can hide it.
This has been a trying week for me and I have struggled to get this all done. I have three of them to wash and get markings out of them and then I bought large plastic Christmas bags at the new Dollar Store. They are nice for odd sized items.
The tree isn't up and nothing out for Christmas. No baking and yet I really don't think we need all the sugar in this house.
I plan on pulled pork and salads and baked beans for Christmas Eve dinner. Everyone has a different place to go on Christmas so the lighter the meal the easier on me. It isn't about the meal it is about getting together and celebrating the season. Merry Christmas. Chris

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