Friday, December 9, 2011

Deadlines scare me

This one is done. This is almost done.

This one needs sandwiching and quilting.

This is done.

Fourteen days to go and I have a deadline. I need to get focused and I really and not focused at all. The days are withering away and I need to regroup. I will get it done, but I need some motivation. Tomorrow will have to be the day to get a good start on finding the motivation.

I really don't know why the sewing juices have stopped flowing. Normally this time of year I want to get things done because it isn't nice enough to be outside.

I was outside this morning shoveling snow. We had about a half of an inch, but we like to keep the driveway cleared off. My Mom comes and I don't want her to fall. My husband doesn't need to fall either. He has been in the garage and going in and out.

Hopefully the morning will come and I will up to getting something done. Wish me luck. Chris

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Anonymous said...

My goodness. You have gotten so much done! I'm not sure where that motivation comes from either because I am stuck in the middle of a baby quilt and unable to move forward. Have a wonderful Christmas!