Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Attempting to do this

This was an award winning quilt made by an unknown person hand pieced and quilted. It was taken at a quilt show and sorry I don't even remember the blog I found it on. I lifted the image and I am sorry but my breath was taken away at the look of the quilt. The quilter did such a beautiful job of piecing and hand quilting this quilt. Kudos to the quilter, sorry I don't know who you are.
This is my attempt to make something similar. I have already made a quilt top using these shapes and EPPing them. This adds another layer to the quilt block. 
I had yardage of this fabric to be able to pull all the blocks together. There are connecting squares and I need to look in my stash to see if I have anything to work for the look I am after. That is down the road. Many hours of piecing and stitching will take place before this happens.

This will be for my own use and I do appreciate the quilter that took the picture to share of this quilt show. I wish now I hadn't looked at this blog during the night when my mind was in a fog. I would be able to share that blog with you and share the joy of see the quilt show through her lenses.

There are many sizes of this EPP block segments. I chose one that I liked the size and I am doing it with scraps so it has to be within the size guidelines of the scraps I have. You could use a larger shape size and achieve the quilt in a faster time. I think the shapes are available online also I think Inklingo has this shape in their library of shapes. If you like hand work this is a fun block to do. Chris

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