Monday, November 26, 2012

Been on a mission

To begin with I am so grateful for the help my granddaughter gives me when she picks things up in my sewing room. Makes me feel like I have a neat room again. BUT as much as I love her I have nightmares over trying to find things after she is finished.

She doesn't throw anything away, but I have to go on a search mission to recover what I can't find. I had a list of about 5 things I have been searching for and I found three things lately.

The most expensive thing I really want to find I haven't yet. I bought a Supreme Slider sheet to do free motion quilting with and I still have not found it. I did find black fabric I was looking for and a quilt book that belonged to my Mother. So those things have been returned to the right spots.

I did find some more quilt blocks that were started and left by the way side. I told my Mother yesterday when I saw her that I have to have a year of finishes this coming year. I have some sewing to get some of the tops done, but I cannot let this lay around any longer without finishing the bulk of them.

Famous last words about getting things done and not starting something else. My goal will be to finish as many as I can without a huge expense. Part of it was no backings. We I have acquired a few so they will be done first.

The next goal is to weed out as much of the hand sewing I need to do. I spent part of the summer sitting on my hands and not doing anything. I have to have a basket sitting beside my chair at night to get projects completed. I have applique blocks to finish for another quilt top and they need attention. I have two quilt tops hand pieced but they need applique finished on borders.

What is wrong with me!!!!!!...........                  Chris

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Katie M. said...

Nothing wrong with you that isn't wrong with a large percentage of us! I wish I could blame a g-child for my 'loss' of things, but it's all me. I put things away and heaven knows when or where they will show up next! But just think how fun it is to find the things you've forgotten about while on the search!!??