Saturday, November 17, 2012

Do you listen to the Radio?

I like the radio in the car and in my sewing room while sewing. BUT, this is way to early for me to have Christmas music non stop playing right now. Last night as I drove to get my Granddaughter I turned on the local radio station and that is all I heard. I guess until after Thanksgiving I am not ready for this.

My choice in music is different than the kids. So when they are in the car with me they change it. Then the sing along starts. I know nothing of the new music the kids like because of course Grandma is old fashioned as they say.

The 50's and 60's is a century ago so they think. And yes I am stuck in the oldies. I even like the older Country Western Music from that time.

I live south and west of Chicago. The WGN Radio Station was my Mother's choice back then. Sunday afternoon radio show with Mel Belairs was on. We would go in and have quiet time with a book and lay on our beds and listen to his music and the commentary that went along with it.

I will have to send a this post to my Uncle he will appreciate this. He lived in the Burbs back then.

Radio was something we listened to because there wasn't that much on TV then and also we didn't get a TV until I was 7 years old. Now the kids don't remember a time when they don't have cellphones and computers. Times seemed easier then. No CNN and Fox News in your face 24/7. Now the minute it happens Twitter or Facebook is blown up with the news. Real time is scary. We have the fighting and the unrest visible to everyone. What has this World come to?

Can you tell I am feeling my age today? Well I am, the time has slipped out of my hands this year and yet we did get a lot done. But where did it go? This will scare you 44 more days until 2013. When you were 10 did you imagine there would even be a 2013? Chris   

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