Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mind overload

Fair amount of cutting and sewing this year, but no finishes. I guess it has been a funny year for me. I turned 60 years old in Feb. but I thought I was handling it well and I guess life has gotten in the way.
I see so many piles of scraps and fabric pieces laying everywhere and my mind is on overload. I think about cutting into it and making more usable pieces and then I get scared with the notion I will never get anything done.  
As you can see I have used a ton of small pieces to make the blocks and the tops I have gotten to.
I really want to get this one done and yet I sit and look at it. Not really depressed just stagnant in my efforts. I have until May of 2013 to get this one done. Shouldn't look at it that way. I should jump on the band wagon and do it Right!!!!!!
This has been the latest passion to work on these blocks, but this week I just quit. I have not even sewn a stitch for about 10 days now. Being sick so long has made me out of the mood.
I love the look of this one and only have 7 more blocks to applique. I cut out some more of the applique shapes from freezer paper last night and that is as far as I got.
Thanksgiving is coming on my heels real fast. I am having between 12 and 15 people. I need to get some cleaning done. Carpets need doing and yet I just keep putting it off. Today I got my Christmas Cards all addressed and stamped ready to put in the mail. So I can put. all of the address book and writing supplies away. Not a big list, but it needed doing.

I plan on cleaning off the kitchen table and get ready to shampoo the area rug out there. Things get track up so fast and I guess I don't spend enough time picking up after us and keeping the dust bunnies at bay.

I hope you all are ready for this busy time of year and your efforts are appreciated. I go through the motions and yet I don't really appreciate the commercial feeling the holidays are anymore. Take time for yourself and sit back and enjoy the season. Chris


grannyanne said...

I think your work is beautiful! It is so nice to find someone that loves to create beautiful things every day! I too am mostly retired and have time to spend on my love of quilting. Just as you mentioned, somedays those scrap piles are daunting and the house is in need of cleaning and I do feel guilty at not keeping things organized. I then remember my Granny who always had creative piles all over the place in her small apartment. She was always so happy and so calm. I am making myself do one household thing every day so that I can go back in my happy place and play.

Katie M. said...

Chris, I find that when I have too many projects 'in the works' that I tend to be overwhelmed and not want to work on any of them. When that happens, I stack them in order of priority and just get at it to get it done. If they are projects that aren't really destined to be gifted or used by a specific time, I will pack them up and put them on the shelf and they become a "when I feel like it project". Our creativity should be a relaxing, happy time and when that changes, it's time to change our attitudes about it. As for the house keeping, we all know it's not going anywhere. It'll be there waiting for us when we're ready to tackle it. And... I've found that when I have a house full of family and friends, they are too busy visiting to look under the sofa or in the corners......