Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tip Day

I was listening to a TV show this morning about the high cost of food and how to buy right and store your purchases.

1. Buy butter in the next couple months and take out of the little boxes they come in and store in Freezer bags in your freezer up to a year.

2. Buy flour when on sale and take 5 lb bags and place in a freezer bag and freeze for up to a year, but use it at room temperature after you freeze it.

3. Buy cooking oil when on sale and store excess in the refrigerator to keep it from going rancid. Up to a year on the oil.

4.Many times when the holidays come around nuts are more affordable. They to can be stored in the freezer in an air tight freezer bag for about a year.

5. To make your budget go farther buy small containers of powdered milk and buttermilk powder. They work up the same as fresh milk in recipes. You have to add water for the amount you need. If kept in a dry air tight container they keep indefinitely.

6. Frozen vegetables in air tight freezer bags can keep up to a year in the freezer. So buy when the farmers markets are in session and freeze your purchases.

7. Pasta dried pasta can keep in air tight containers for over a year.

Be frugal and cut down on your costs by buying in bulk and breaking it down into usable amounts. Chris

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Valerie said...

This is great advice. Seems prices on just about everything are going up. I stay home with my kiddos so we've always been on a budget, but it seems it's just getting tighter year after year.

There is a really neat channel on You Tube about depression era food recipes. Things you can make, when you don't have much to cook with. I thought it was really interesting and useful!