Monday, November 19, 2012

I am going Deaf

The TV is on and never shuts off and yet we walk out of the house to go to the garage and it is left on. The more I say turn it down the louder it gets. I ask him to turn it down and he says huh? He can't hear with it up so high. He controls the remote and yet he asks me if there is anything on TV because he can't remember what night it is and what channel it is on.

Does this all sound familiar? I sit in the mornings in peace and quiet and I just love it. A little sewing in my hand a cup of hot coffee and I am in heaven. Yes I like my music in my own time and at my own loudness.   I think the sound is driving me to not want to watch TV anymore.

I know it sounds petty to complain, but hey I can't hear you. LOL Chris

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