Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I am definitely bad!

See the screensaver I have. It is a different layout of the EPP blocks I made for the green and off white quilt.
Yes as you can see I have made one block so far and started on a couple more. I had been so sick I didn't want to sew and then I jumped in to start house cleaning. I am so beat when I sit down at night I have been doing this little bit of hand sewing.
This looks gold, but the center is a red and the two outer rounds are shades of olive green. This block need another color added to it.
The center is red and the green layer and then a bright gold with a red web design over it makes it look orange. It also needs another layer and not sure what color to add. I wasn't going to start anything else and yet I did. I have some more housecleaning to do and then I can work in my sewing room and get something done.

I did some research today and found a video and have decided on making a purchase after the holidays. I do not have room for a longarm machine and I do not have the money either. So that option is way off the table. I did look into the Handiquilter frame, but again no room.
I found on John Flynn's website the quilting frame I think I will try. The system is affordable and it can be stored easily also. I do not have the cabinetry to support a good place to quilt on. Not my preference but I have to stay within budget and also in my sewing space. My sewing sometimes takes over the house and I do have a husband and he says it doesn't bother him, but I see his face some days when unexpected company comes.

Has anyone ever tried this system or has one I would like some advise if available. Well I can't keep my eyes open had to take a Benadryl, still coughing some. Chris

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Joan J said...

Hi Chris. I'm a regular follower of your blog but can't usually comment because I'm reading it on my phone. But anyhoo... just thought I'd share some info. I have a tendency to get colds/bronchitis that hang on forever, and just keep hoping it will eventually go away. The last time I got so tired of feeling sick, I finally went to my doctor and she said that my body wasn't producing enough electrolytes to help itself heal, and that I should drink Gatorade to replenish my system. I did, and it worked! It isn't a magic instant cure, but I did finally get out from under the illness. Just hoping this might help you and you get back to your ol' self soon!

Warm regards,
Joan J