Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I am really in a funk

I started looking and this quilt which is on display on the back of my couch is the only finish I have had this year. I think I stated this next year will we the year of finishes.

I have been looking at the online quilt stores looking for back fabrics to try and get free shipping. Well I still have yet to find some things I like so I will start to haunt the fabric and quilt shops here shortly. I had been saving some fabric for a special top I wanted to make and I gave in and used it on something else.

When you buy fabric and have no definite purpose for it other than you like it you kinda have decided it is for what ever is going on at the time.

I asked some questions of a few quilters as to background choices they had made and got some good suggestions for buying quantity. A couple places give you a discount if you buy the whole bolt. Which for me for applique background fabric is a good choice.

I have had this thing the last year of feeling like a shut in. No real reason other than we did so much outside I felt like the money couldn't be used for my projects. Well after the first of the year I have rechecked the budget and I plan on using some of the funds to make some finishes happen.

I really would like to get a stock pile of quilts made so I have some for gifts if I choose to give them. Also I have so many small pieces of batting laying around the mug rugs will be flying out of the machine shortly. Have to get some of this clutter under control.

I hope everyone got their Cyber Monday shopping done. Also Black Friday. I opted to give money this year and it will cause less stress for me. Today the cards are being bought for the kids and the money set in them to for the gifts they will get. Have a Good One. Chris


Katie M. said...

Chris, I know the use of sheets is a major controversy in quilting, but I use a lot of sheets as backing. I love thrift stores and I go through the sheets and look for 100% cotton sheets - you'd be surprised how many I find! I've had people tell me that the weave is tighter - well, so is batik fabric but people go ga-ga over that! Okay, off the soap box.... Enjoy making your mug rugs and getting some finishes!

Deb Lindley said...

I agree wholeheartedly w/Miss Katie - if you look on my blog, almost ALL of the quilts shown there have sheets for backings! I purchase them wholesale online, they're 180 - 200 thread count, 100% white cotton sheets used in the motel industry. Do a Google search, lots of options come up, you will usually have to pay for shipping, but still very reasonable compared to fabric backings. And thrift store and garage finds are a Godsend for me as well.

I've kept this info under wraps until now because of all the fall-out over the 'sheets for backing dilemma', but it's out of the closet now ;-)

Happy Finishing,