Sunday, November 4, 2012

Random Thoughts

I am awake and the house is quiet. Jeff is still sleeping. Today I need to do something even if it is wrong. I have had this cold almost two weeks now and the lack of accomplishments have gotten to me. I have done the necessary, but to me I feel like I am falling behind.

My computer is in my sewing room and I am appauled at the condition of this room. Things sitting everywhere and nothing in it's place. I have tried to wipe off the keyboard to get rid of germs, but I need to open the window and air out the room. Suppose to get in the 50's today.

I have done a lot of blog lurking of late and I marvel at the accomplishments of some of you quilters out there in blog land. I guess I am not motivated enough to stick with a project from conception to completion. You could say I am a starter not a finisher. Note to self improve on that. LOL

My granddaughter text me the other night and asked how old I was. So I told her and then I asked why she wanted to know. No response. So I called her Dad and asked why the question. They were having a discussion about how old I was and my Grandson was right. He knew Grandma's age. The reason they were saying this was they questioned what I would leave them in my will.

Dean told Taylor I was going to leave her all my scrap quilting fabric. Taylor said she would have an issue with that. We all laughed over her comment. So Dean told me the two kids started and argument over who was going to run a quilting business after I was gone.  The minds that wander with these kids astounds me. What makes them think I will have anything to will to them and then a quilting business.

To me it makes me think they like what I do for them to think about running a quilting business. Only time will tell.

Taylor wants a sewing machine for Christmas so she must be interested enough to want to do more sewing. She plans on taking sewing in 4-H this next year. Not garment sewing but Textiles. She made sure I knew that part of it.

They are at an inpressionable stage in their lives and I have somewhat of a guide in steering them in a direction makes me happy.  Kids learn by example and if I taught them one thing it is to be resourceful. Use what you have to make something worth while. Spending money doesn't always make you happy.

I always thought my Grandparents were wise when I was growing up. They had lived through the Depression and yet they survived. Maybe not how they wanted to but they had roofs over their heads and the necessary things to get along with. They did learn through the Depression to respect their possessions and take care of them because you maybe couldn't replace them down the road. Furniture lasted and clothing was re purposed. My Grandmother would take her old dresses and use the backs of them to make new aprons for herself. The fronts were worn, but the back was intact.

When my Grandmother Nellie moved we were so surprised at what she kept. She lived through loosing everything she had in the Depression and she would save used aluminum foil and plastic bags.  We wouldn't think of doing that now. The value you place on certain items you possess is amazing to me.

Hopefully you can impress a young one in your life so they learn the value of owning things. Chris 

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Katie M. said...

Chris I totally understand your frustration of a disorganized room - I tend to go into my sewing room, straighten it up just to create another mess.... I think this is what is called the viscous circle :-)
And about how we tend to take care of what we have.... My GD and I were in the kitchen doing some sort of cooking together. I pulled some appliance out (can't remember which one - I have a lot of gadgets) and she commented about it being new. I told her no, I'd had it for many years. When she commented about it being new, I responded with "well, I've found through the years that if you take care of what you have, it tends to last a long time." I think today's kids are part of the what I call the "disposable" era. All these expensive electronic 'tools' that are considered obsolete after only a couple years...
Just my thoughts.....