Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tiling Done

Took two days but the tiling is done.
This is an awkward spot the fireplace is on an angle and it needed the tiling also.
We still have to place wood strips around the tile to secure the carpet from kicking up. Not sure if we are going to make our own or buy a finished piece.  
We replaced this section of linoleum in front of the door also. We didn't like the two mixed there.

The job is all complete but for the wood strips. The mortar is drying and will be walkable today. It upgrades the look of the room.

I did no sewing in the last few days. I made 5 trips to the lumberyard for things we were short of. All in all the cost was a little less than $100 to do what we have done so far. We had one tile left over also. So it is being stored in case. Chris

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