Tuesday, July 2, 2013

eight pounds of beans on second picking

Today is going to be quiet. We picked 8lbs. of green beans from our little garden. Three days before we picked 6lbs. I have many more coming on. We got a french cutter for the beans and have froze two gallon bags which I use at holiday time and 5 quart bags out of this entire mess.

We have been mowing and painting. We are using a solid stain on our decks and getting them ready. All the spindles lead to a lot of hours painting. Also we are repainting our shutters. They are oxidized and we didn't like the color. Changes all the time.

Neighbor is getting a new roof and we are watching that process. It has been beautiful here. In the 70"s. Not sure how long.

The Arizona fire is about 8 miles from my brother's house and he is worried as he should be as fast as it has grown. The 19 firefighters were from the town he lives in. Sad thing when anyone dies fighting a fire let alone 19 of them.

Sewing hasn't happened. But the mind is always thionking about it. Chris 


Exuberant Color said...

That is a lot of beans! There is nothing like fresh green beans from the garden.

Katie M. said...

I wish my thumb wasn't so black! I love reading about your harvest. My sister-in-law lives in Prescott Valley and that area has sure had more than their share of wild fires this early summer. So very sad about those 19 firefighters.... Hope your brother's home stays safe.