Monday, July 15, 2013

Strange noise outside

Well not really strange just haven't heard since last year. Locusts are singing already.

When we were kids we were told it would be 6 weeks before the cold would come back. I'm sure that isn't really true, but it was a good tale.

We have canned and froze 40 quarts of green beans, but my tomatoes are not doing real well. Hot and humid and we live in the middle of a corn field so the corn is growing about 3-4 inches a day in this humid and hot weather.

The heat index was 100 degrees today with the humidity and heat factored together.
My son fought a huge fire in a small town close by. Over 25 departments assisted. 8 stores with apartments above them burned to the ground today. It was hot without the fire, but all the gear they wear made it an oven inside their protective clothing. Then the town ran out of water and it had to be pumped from the river. As of tonight they still had two departments on scene to check for hot spots.

The heat is griping the country and being safe is important. Stay safe. Chris

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I know it's hot and it can be miserable, but I love, love, love summer. Fall and winter bring on seasonal depression for me. I tend to dread those months.