Friday, July 19, 2013

I must be old

Last night and today I' ve added a couple more blocks. Had to dig out the 1 inch strips for variety. The box of scraps were cut for small log cabin miniatures in red, white and blue. So the variety is a little limited. In the 1 inch box I have strips of browns, grays and plaids so more of a treasure trove of color and texture.

Another hot day today. We have been painting shutters and decks. So more of that got done yesterday. This time it is on the garage. Next week I will start baby sitting a 4 month old. She is in emergency guardianship at my son's house. Lots of drama and don't care to get into it, but the child is at risk health and development wise so it will be a challenge for this old girl to deal with. 

Life's twists and turns are sometimes not easy to deal with. I hope I get some stitching time while coping with this change. Thank goodness it is short term and not long days to deal with. She isn't a sick child just the potential for risk is there. Life is grand otherwise. Chris

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Ohhhh....You get to have the baby? How fun! Yes...FUN! =)