Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ok so I am a little crazy

My husband said I was totally crazy yesterday. He said why would you use up all the small pieces and seem to enjoy it. I have several blocks complete and stages of others in the process.  
Here are the smaller segments and yet I just keep sewing away. It helps that I have my headphones on and watching Netflix. I just keep stitching and pressing and this is the first I have wanted to sew for a long time. Still have the Graduation quilt to finish and this next week it will be done. I have set that goal and that is my plan and I am sticking to it.
This is the box that the scraps originated from still quite a few to get rid of. I have added 1 inch and 1.25 inch strips to it to get variety. I knew I cut them for a reason a couple years ago.
Here are a few more blocks I completed in a couple hours this morning. I think I watched three hour long segments of "Crossing Jordon" on Netflix so progress was made. Chris 


Marie said...

Have just discovered your blog and I absolutely love your scrappy blocks. I think that scrappy quilts are the most beautiful of all, of course the traditional ones are lovely also but the colors in the scrap quilts just sing to me. Good work!

Katie M. said...

My hubby doesn't understand when I say "mindless sewing"... Sometimes it's nice to just stitch without worrying if the colors match, if that ¼" seam is right, if, if, if..... I know the 'mindless' sometimes gets me back on track to the 'having to think' :-)

Exuberant Color said...

I'm so happy you got back into the sewing room again. This quilt will be really pretty too. I love using up the small pieces too. Why wouldn't it make us happy?