Monday, July 8, 2013

Hot and humid

I was woke up with thunder and lightening at 3:45am. So I got up and started to sew.
I got more of the border sewn and I'm down to one border now and then it will be done. I got the border cut and need to cut the batting and backing after while.

Nothing really on TV until about 9pm. I maybe won't be up that long. Time will tell if I can stay awake that long.

We have a Netflix account and I can stream it into my sewing room.  I have been watching "Crossing Jordan" It was on for 7 seasons and I turn it on and sew away. I think I've seen 34 episodes so far. I really enjoy the stimulation of having it on. I get lost in the story and just keep sewing. I do like the radio and sometimes get stations on the radio.

I really haven't had much success getting a whole lot done this year. I told myself this would be the year of finishes. That hasn't happened.

The heat is 90*F right now with a heat index of 100*F. Not a good day to be outside in. Hope all of you are comfortable and doing something you enjoy doing. Chris

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