Thursday, July 11, 2013

How does my Garden Grow???

Blogger and my mouse are not playing nice this morning. I usually add a caption by every picture. Wouldn't let me today.

The top two pictures are of a crazy radish I pulled yesterday. Never seen anything like this before. The next picture is of two of the four bags of green beans that got picked out of my little garden. The grand kids were here and they took two bags home with them. So after 6:30 last night we cleaned cut and canned 15 pts and 1 qt of green beans.

Here is a picture of the comparison size to a normal teaspoon. They are good sized beans and still tender.

We soaked them and snipped off the ends and then run them through a french cutter. So we have french cut green beans. Here is what they look like after they are cut.

As you can see in the last picture the beans are all cooked and pressure canned ready to go into the pantry for a Winter dinner. We have pulled one row of beans because they weren't producing well, but the rest of them are doing way better than we could imagine. It was a late night last night getting them all done. Chris


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Marei said...

That is one crazy radish! Almost looks as if 2 seeds germinated on top of each other at different depths. How fun.