Saturday, August 22, 2015

45 minutes of sewing finally

I had to de-stress the other day so I did some picking up and then I proceeded to stitch a little. I made 4 string blocks. The stuff was laying there where I left off months ago and I thought anything to work my way through some of this. 

I use telephone book pages for my foundation and as you can see I need to press good and trim off the excess. Then pull papers off. These go quick and I can do some mindless sewing. Heaven only knows where my mind is right now. 

The smaller pieces or odd shapes that are left over I piece into crumb or crazy quilt blocks. I have tones of small stuff laying around so why not make fabric with it. It will make blocks up in a hurry for a throw or a bay quilt fairly fast. Let them pile up for future use.

No foundation on these blocks. Just use 1/4 inch seams and press and keep adding. I generally finger press and stitch them in between adding strings to the string blocks. That way I have two sets of blocks going at once. 

It amazes me how fast the blocks roll of the back of the machine if you are working on more than one set of blocks at a time. Piecing to me needs to be productive. I want to get as far as I can with the time I have set aside for it.

As of late the time I have is few and far between. I need some more hours in the day, but then what would I get done. Not going to happen so I take it as it comes.

Hope to do some cleaning today and then get back in there to sew up another pile of scraps. I went to a rummage sale yesterday and found fabric in fat quarters and also some men's shirts to cut up. It was reasonable so I thought why not. The fat quarters were in green which is a good choice to add to the stash. I have been to this sale in the past and found some good items. I am not going to as many this time around. In about 4 weeks two towns are having theirs all on the same day so I will venture out to those.

Hope you have a productive day. Chris

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sewyouquilt2 said...

great way to destress and nice set of blocks will result. I find that if I do this type of sewing when I am stressed that it helps me to relax a little
glad to see you are piecing
I handquilted a small lap quilt as hubs is in hospital. helps me to destress while waiting for answers