Sunday, August 2, 2015

Nothing got done on the sewing end yesterday

Sorry no pictures today. I went to the store and got some things bought I needed. I also got stuff for supper. I made what I call Swedish meatballs or porcupine balls. Also baked potatoes. I am having to start preparing meals for my Mom. She has lost the use of her right arm now and can't cook anymore.

Things are changing daily and I have to be flexible. Today I will make a Penne bake dish. This way she can have something easy to eat. With her right arm not usable eating with the left hand is difficult for her.

Today the dresses for the two little ones is my priority. It will have to be done in-between other jobs, but doable if I focus.

Talking about rain so that makes it easier to keep me in the house to get something done. It is muggy already and the temp is suppose to get to 90 degrees plus the humidity it will be awful. We need rain, but it maybe won't get here.

Dishwasher is going, I'm dressed and have eaten breakfast so off to the sewing room and turn up the radio and get going. Chris

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