Sunday, August 23, 2015

I am a scraper

No not the fighting kind of scraper, but a scrap quilter. I went to a rummage sale the other day and found shirts. They are lighter colored and more on the neutral side. At least I will use them as neutrals. 100% cotton and most people don't want to iron shirts anymore.

As you can see they are cut up and I left the label on the one so you can see all the choices that are out there.

I do most of my quilting with scraps and the stripes and plaids add to the charm of the scrappy look. Some of the fabric in these shirts is much nicer than the fabric you buy in the quilt shops. Don't overlook them if you thrift shop.

Most of the shirts have about 2-3 yards of usable fabric depending on the size. Rummage sales they are priced lots cheaper than Goodwill or Salvation Army stores. I bought these for $1.00 each. I have bought them for 25 cents.

I know others cringe because I use items like this. I try and make things for my family to use and love. Most of the quilts will be drug around and washed many, many times. If I was trying to make quilts for judging I would use bought fabric that is of quality. Saying that even though these shirts have been washed and worn many of them is better fabric than $8-$20 a yard fabric. The weave is nicer and the colors are yarn dyed instead of printed fabric. Consider it and compare the quality.

Of course if you don't care for the idea of this concept that is your choice. Chris    


Rebecca said...

I check out the yard sales and thrift shops for goodies all the time. Especially jeans....Sometimes they do not even make it into the quilt boxes but wind up fitting me!!! Win Win

barbara woods said...

i love making scrap quilts, if i use up all my scraps ti would take me years

sewyouquilt2 said...

anytime you can sew a little it is a good day right? sew on girlfriend! and shirts and scraps make the best quilts.